What’s Resonate all about? The tagline says it all ‘Enhancing the Spirit of Flight Safety’. You don’t often hear the word spirit in the same sentence as flight safety these days but I reckon we should. Oxford tell us ‘spirit’ refers to that which is 'the seat of emotions and character'. It also tell us spirit can refer to the 'prevailing or typical quality, mood, or attitude of a person, group, or period of time’. I don’t know about you, but if spirit really does refer to emotions, character, and attitudes; to what we could call the governing but unseen essence of a person or a thing, then understanding what the true spirit of flight safety might be — and then enhancing it — seems like a noble pursuit. 

I pursue the spirit of flight safety in a number of different ways. First there’s the CARM courses and the consultancy services, including pricing, which you can learn about at this link. Then there’s the articles I regularly write which are indexed at this link. And finally, my favourite, the ‘Cancel Sarwatch’ podcast.  Both these last ‘pursuits’ are completely free (and ad-less).

So what’s ‘Cancel Sarwatch’ all about? Well the concluding radio call at the end of a flight is literally ‘Cancel Sarwatch’. The “SAR” in ‘Sar-watch’ is an acronym for ‘Search and Rescue’. On most flights pilots are encouraged to hold a ‘Sarwatch’: a nominated time at which search and rescue services will come looking if the pilot hasn’t landed and radioed in ‘Cancel Sarwatch’. When a pilot radios  ‘cancel sarwatch’ they're letting Air Traffic Services know they've landed safely and the search and rescue (sar) ‘watch’ can be cancelled. This website is an expression of the call to help those who aren’t aviators understand a little better what it takes to ‘Cancel Sarwatch’ and to help aviators everywhere actually ‘Cancel Sarwatch’ every time. Click on the thumbnail above or here to access the content. You can also read more about Sam, Luke and I and our podcast endeavour here. Read more about Resonate here. And if you’d like to contact us you can do so here

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