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About Resonate

I (Parky) started Resonate Safety Solutions as a way of providing useful expression to all the research I was doing into Human Factors and as a way of sharing my piloting experiences. I’m passionate about energising and inspiring your safety conscience both collectively and individually. …

About Resonate’s Pricing

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G’day there.

Just wanted to share with you some thoughts about my fees and to be up front about why they’re priced the way they are (see below). I’m a career military/rescue pilot, a writer and a PhD researcher as well as a Human Factors facilitator which means the last thing I want to do is to waste your time, or mine, with another ‘box ticking’ course.

About Sam, Parky and Luke

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The heart of  ‘cancelsarwatch.com’ is our podcast where 'baby boomer' pilot (Sam), Gen X pilot (Parky) and trainee Gen Y pilot (Luke) gather every two weeks to talk through the key events of Luke’s piloting journey and therefore to reminisce about our own respective milestones - 22 years apart.

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