About Resonate

I (Parky) started Resonate Safety Solutions as a way of providing useful expression to all the research I was doing into Human Factors and as a way of sharing my piloting experiences. I’m passionate about energising and inspiring your safety conscience both collectively and individually. I do that using a mixed methods approach involving courses such as the CARM course, media, surveys and popular level writing for Flight Safety Australia. I’m a career military/rescue pilot, a writer and a PhD researcher as well as a Human Factors facilitator which means the last thing I want to do is to waste your time, or mine, with another ‘box ticking’ program. 

So I’d like to be candid with you. If you are thinking about calling about the CARM course and we are going to spend a day or a few days together I’d love for you to go away feeling that whatever your safety margins were before the course they just got wider - at least in terms of healthy self-awareness. In fact, I will consider the course a failure if we just ‘tick' the human factors box for another few years. The laws of safety are close siblings to the laws of physics. And the laws of safety and the laws of physics don’t care if you’ve ticked the boxes - they only ‘care’ if you really do have thick safety margins - otherwise they will deliver on their tragic promise to deliver traumatic consequences. 

This will be especially likely if your human factors program is audit-deep rather than heart-deep and your safety margins are gaunter then they should be. If we really believe 70-80 percent of accidents are because of human factors (as accident after accident tells us) why do we only spend 0.001 percent of our professional time deliberately improving such skills (i.e. one day every two years)? 

Most safety research shows us that there is a thing I call the ‘Safety Slump’ where people in high risk occupations seem to ‘forget’ to be afraid of the hazards that surround them. Resonate Safety is all about reinvigorating a healthy sense of respect for the hazards as well as enhancing both our individual and corporate safety conscience. If you’d like to know more go ahead and drop us a line. I'd love to chat. 


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