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G’day there.

Just wanted to share with you some thoughts about my fees and to be up front about why they’re priced the way they are (see below). I’m a career military/rescue pilot, a writer and a PhD researcher as well as a Human Factors facilitator which means the last thing I want to do is to waste your time, or mine, with another ‘box ticking’ course.

You’re busy, I’m busy. I don’t want to waste your time (or mine) completing a box-ticking course for auditors. I genuinely want to bolster your safety margins, encourage your people’s awareness and move us all further away from the tragic edge of a serious incident or accident. That’s my passion and my call.

I’ve made sure the course has the latest research and the latest case studies and much of the material is enhanced by my Communications Degree. Plus, the course is built around a ‘Safety 2’ paradigm and I try my best to ‘functionalise’ the info; that is, conceptualise it in such a way you can fly it on a Monday morning not just talk about it over a coffee. (Hey, I was a lumber jack so I need things to work not just make noise.)

I’m not saying the course will plug every Swiss cheese hole or make your safety systems sing and dance but if you want to share an ongoing learning experience in which we give the pursuit of Human Factors excellence a red hot bash then give us a call or drop us a line...

Spiel over. With that in mind here’s my rationale about costs:  I personally think CRM and Aviation Consultancy costs are way too high and often obscured and/or unnecessarily changeable... I’m not out to rip you off but having said that the worker is worth his/her wages.

I work hard to maintain my knowledge of current Human Factors research, books and case studies and I work hard to deliver a true, face to face facilitative course or consult which means I hope to be paid a fair wage. ‘Fair’ is outlined in the quote excerpts below. You’ll note I’ve tried to recognise economies of scale as course numbers get bigger which means the more people you have the cheaper per person it gets.

Anyway, over over to you. Let me know. I’d love to share the noble call with you and your team. 



Human Factors ‘CARM’ Course Pricing


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