A 100 Tonne Aviation Typo

flight-407 f-696x453

In all likelihood by the end of today, if you haven’t done so already, you will make some sort of data entry error. It could be as you attempt to long in…er log in to your computer and inadvertently hit an adjacent key. It could be as you type vital text or numbers an (sic) auto-correct misses the fact you meant to type ‘and’. It could be when you are relating your too mistakes er… two mistakes for the day via a text message. It doesn’t matter whether you’ve been typing for decades; it is inevitable, sooner or later and probably sooner, an adjacent key will be tapped, a letter left out or numbers entered back to front. But what if the typo results in an attempted take-off 100 hundred tonnes heavier than thought?

This article was written for CASA’s flight safety magazine and can be found by clicking here or on the image link.

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