CARM and Consultancy

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I’m pretty keen to do more than write articles or create podcast episodes in the noble pursuit of Flight Safety which is why I created what I call the ‘CARM’ course — The 'Crew Awareness and Reliability Management Course'.

While still a work in progress I’m proud of the CARM program. I’ve made sure the program has the latest research and the latest case studies and much of the material is enhanced by my Communications Degree, Literature Honours and my ongoing PhD research into Human Factors and Hermeneutics. 

One of the things that sets the course apart is that I try my best to ‘functionalise’ the info; that is, conceptualise it in such a way you can fly it on a Monday morning — not just forget about it by coffee-time. (Hey, I was once a lumber jack so I need things to work not just make noise.) 

I’m not saying the course will plug every Swiss cheese hole or make your SMS sing and dance but if you want to share a resonating learning experience in which we give the pursuit of Human Factors excellence a red hot bash then give us a call or drop us a line… 

Spiel over. Let me know via the contact link here. I’d love to share the noble call with you and your team. Also, if you’d like me to help with any consultancy, I’d love to hear from you. Pricing for the CARM courses and consultancy can be found here

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