Episode 3: First Huey

First Command Huey 2

Audio available below on Soundcloud or iTunes. We’d been waiting a while for a fitting moment to launch the ‘Cancel Sarwatch’ podcast and when we discovered one of our fave aircraft - the Huey - first flew 60 years ago on the 20 October 1956 we knew exactly when to launch the podcast. So here it is, 20 October 2016: Exactly 60 years after the first ever flight of the Huey and we’ve reshuffled our podcast series to include this one in the launch of our first three episodes. 

If you’ve seen any Vietnam War movie (or most other post sixties war movies) then you’ve seen and heard the Huey. In this episode we deliver some fast facts on the Harley Davidson of the sky which remains the only aircraft we flew that had ash trays and a window big enough to stick your elbow out like you would if you were in aussie ute heading out for some serious work. And that’s pretty much sums up the Huey, a warhorse workhorse as trusty as a tradies ute and as cool as a Harley Davidson. Join us as we talk about the Huey and about our ‘first command’ experiences in this the inaugural episode of the Cancel Sarwatch podcast. 

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Scroll below the soundcloud link for a collection of Huey photos mentioned in the podcast.


Above: Huey in the training areas around the Darling Downs near Oakey QLD.

Above: Departing on a peace monitoring mission, Loloho, Bougainville with Sam at the controls.

Above: Sam on the job during a troop exercise. 

Above: Parky on graduation from pilots course. 

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