Episode 10: First Ground Exam


On today’s show the freedom of the sky is replaced by the necessary tedium of ground theory and examination. Before a pilot gets to fly free with their own license there’s a bunch of theory they have to jam into their heads. This ranges from aerodynamics, to meteorology,  to aircraft systems to air law, morse code, human physiology and psychology, dangerous goods, risk management, human factors, and the list goes on. As a matter of fact I laid out all the reference books we’re supposed to know as pilots and they filled my double bay garage floor. So its quite a feat to get all that stuff in your head and a even greater feat to pass all the relevant exams many of which have pass marks of 70 or 80 percent. Today we talk through the trials and tribulations of Luke’s first ground exam as well Sam’s first ground exam 40 odd years ago and mine some 20 years ago. Plus, in our retro-salute, we chat about how aviation ground exams were first carried out and discover an ironic new word: ‘picayune’.   

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