Episode 12: First Anzac Flight


Today a special Anzac Day podcast as we discuss the convergence of the Spirit of Flight with the Spirit of Anzac in an epic account of Aussie VC winner Frank McNamara during World War 1. It’s the 100th anniversary of Australian Army pilot Frank McNamara being awarded the Victoria Cross and its a fascinating, inspiring story. Plus, Sam, Luke and I talk about our own special Anzac Day experiences from Australia and abroad with our three different generational perspectives 22 years and 44 years apart and right at the end Sam shares an amazing rescue story from his police air wing days.  

 Our Learn more ‘show links’ from today: Check out the book ‘Bravest’ by Robert Macklin https://www.amazon.com/Bravest-Australias-Greatest-Heroes-Medals/dp/1742375847

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