Episode 14: First Instruments

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Today the big horizon of sky and ground is replaced with a tiny artificial horizon, a compass rose and a couple of pressure instruments as Luke learns how to fly without being able to see outside the aircraft. Humans don’t do so well orientating themselves when the sky is taken away as many accidents testify. This introduction to ‘instrument' flight is an introduction to an essential skill which Luke will have to master if he’s to fulfil his dream of becoming a  professional pilot and avoid some very serious crashes. But it ain’t easy. In fact instrument flight has a whole flight-bag full of challenges and today Luke, Sam and Parky talk through these challenges. And, in a really interesting ‘Cancel Sarwatch’ retro salute, we look at the fascinating first ever flight on instruments as well as discussing how Biggles used to do it..!

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Episode Release Date: 28 May 2017, Please visit us again then to listen in...

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