Episode 6: First ‘NO’ Part 1

first grounding

Audio available below on Soundcloud or iTunes. Today, Part 1 of ’First NO’ after Luke calls it quits early on a solo circuit and says ’No’ to continuing. Sometimes this is the safest thing for a pilot to do. But how do you know when it’s the right time to say no? It’s not always a binary go/no go decision because aviation can be a nuanced and complicated endeavour. Sure, sometimes its easy to say no but other times its really difficult. We talk through Luke’’s first grounding and share a bunch of our own as we try to figure out together when no is really no and when yes should have been no. Plus we bring back aeronaut Pilatre De-Rozier for our retro-salute and his first ever grounding and therefore probably one of the first groundings ever. (PS We’ve split this epsiode into two parts as we ended up chatting for more than a bite-sized podcast - so now you get two bites :) 

Our Learn more ‘show links’ from both part 1 and part 2 of ‘First No': The sad stories of the ABC News Helicopter Crash at Lake EyreManx2 a small passenger aircraft in Ireland and Lifeflight 8 in Canada. There’s also my own published ‘should have said no’ story as a part of this feature here… And a great book from Kindle for your collection: Aeronauts and their Balloons

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