Episode 9: First Advanced Manoeuvre 

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On today’s show Luke experiences the fun, the coolness and the challenge of an advanced manoeuvre - in this case a short field take off in his little Tomahawk. Advanced manoeuvres require good judgement, common sense and practice — lots of it… Today we discuss Luke’s first experiences while Sam and I also talk about the good, the bad and the ugly of our own first experiences trying out advanced manoeuvres 44 and 22 years ago. Sam shares about the might Pilatus Porter while I reminisce about a crazy unusual attitude in my CT4B Aerotrainer. Plus, in our retro salute we harken back to the pioneering days of flight where, on the 14th November 1910, the first take off from a ship occurred - that definitely registers as an advanced manoeuvre and a short field take off in our book so we salute Eugene Ely on his very cool ‘first short field takeoff’ achievement here a century later on the Cancel Sarwatch Podcast. 

Our Learn more ‘show links’ from today: http://www.navalaviationmuseum.org/uncategorized/eugen-ely-makes-naval-aviations-first-shipboard-launch

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