Episode 1: First Spark...

first spark2

Audio available below on Soundcloud or iTunes. Today, on the first ever episode of the ‘Cancel Sarwatch’ podcast, we talk about the very special experience of that first aviation ‘spark': the first time the we experienced the desire to fly. It might have been a low flying F111, or a DC3, or classic Biggles books or just tales from a pilot we knew. Whatever it was it inspired a spark of interest that would one day take flight into a full-blown aviation career. From Sam’s first spark in the 60’s to Parky’s in the 80’s to Luke in the 21st Century, hear about the first spark of flying interest from three different generations of pilots. And as well, via our Retro-Salute segment to aviatiors of the past hear our top ten aviation ‘A for effort, F for achievement' try hard historical flight attempts. Also, why not check out the book called ‘The Aeronauts’ where we draw some of the first attempts from… 

You can listen in our conversation by clicking the Soundcloud or iTunes link below. 

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Above: Sam flying the Huey a few years ago

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